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 Periodic Medical Examinations

Periodic Medical Examinations

The Institute for Periodic Medical Examinations at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center provides preventative medicine services in an exclusive atmosphere with an emphasis on personal attention. The service includes a comprehensive package of examinations, special examinations conducted by medical specialists and more. The examinations are done during the morning hours, and the process takes about 3-5 hours, after which the client meets up with a physician and is provided with an assessment of his or her condition and an analysis of the examination results.
The Institute holds agreements with Maccabi Sheli, Clalit Mushlam and Meuhedet C (click the link for more details about the agreement).
The Institute offers special medical examinations not included in the healthcare basket, such as celiac tests, urine drug tests and CT-X tests.

Words of the Director

​"Continuously increasing health awareness and striving for a healthy lifestyle - this is what has made the Institute for Periodic Medical Examinations a desired establishment among a broad public of healthy clients that come every year for a highly professional medical opinion regarding their health, alongside medical consultation on how to preserve their good health for years to come" - Mali Blum, Operations Manager, the Institute for Periodic Medical Examination.

HMO Agreements: Clalit Mushlam, Maccabi Sheli, Meuhedet C

  • ​Members of Maccabi Sheli and Clalit Mushlam can verify their eligibility at the Institute for Periodic Medical Examinations - deductible is paid at the Institute on the day of the examination - no need for a referral form from the HMO. 
  • Members of Meuhedet C verify their eligibility at the HMO - an eligibility form shall be obtained from the HMO, deductible is paid at the HMO

Who is the Institute for Periodic Medical Examinations Intended for?

  • ​Private people: the increasing awareness of health in everyday life and of preventative medicine has resulted in a broad public of people who undergo periodic medical examinations, usually once a year.
  • Special arrangements for members of Clalit Mushlam, Maccabi Sheli and Meuhedet C
  • Financing organizations: many organizations, private or governmental, are interested in assuring the health of their employees.

The cost of the basic examination package ranges from 300 to 1000 NIS, according to the desired examination specification.

Equipment and Facilities

​The Institute for Periodic Medical Examinations is a separate compound at the hospital, spacious and luxurious, designed to make the stay of the visitors during the different examinations and between them as pleasant as possible. First, the visitors are entitled to free parking at the hospital parking lot, which is adjacent to the Institute. Furthermore, a rich and healthy breakfast is served at the dining room, included in the total cost of the examinations.

In the waiting room, which is furnished with comfortable waiting chairs, the visitors enjoy pleasant and soothing ambient classical music and free daily newspapers. For the convenience of the visitors, the place also offers a shower.

The Institute offers comprehensive examinations in a variety of major fields: first, a variety of laboratory tests are offered, including comprehensive blood tests, urine tests and stool tests. In addition, cardiac tests are conducted using ECG testing at rest and under exercise stress, the results of which are analyzed by an expert cardiologist. According to these results, comprehensive cardiologic consultation is provided for the client. Hearing screenings are conducted in an acoustic chamber with state of the art equipment. The Institute includes the following facilities: 2 internal test rooms, eye examination room, gynecologist room, 4 ECG and ergometry rooms, nurse room for blood sampling, acoustic room for hearing tests, pulmonary function test room and cardiologist room; all of which allow providing the clients with comprehensive examination and with high-quality and individual response for about 25 visitors per day.

The Staff

​The examinations are conducted by a top notch medical system, under the supervision and administration of Professor Ahuva Golik, Department Head of Internal Medicine A at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center. Moreover, the examinations are conducted by medical specialists, including an ophthalmologist, an internal medicine specialist, a gynecologist and a cardiologist.

The permanent medical staff of the Institute for Periodic Medical Examinations comprises medical specialists: Dr. Shor Renana, internal medicine specialist; Dr. Rabinowitz Haim, internal medicine and geriatrics specialist; Dr. Kalpan Michael, ophthalmology specialist; and Dr. Fridenson Aharon, cardiology specialist.

The Examinations Offered at the Institute:

  • ​Complete and comprehensive physical examination
  • Laboratory tests:
    • Urine test
    • Test for occult blood in feces
    • Blood tests (further details are included separately), including tests that are not included in the healthcare basket, such as AMD, CTX, urine drug tests, pharmacogenetic  celiac test, suitability test for breast cancer treatment, hypercoagulability test and additional examinations according to client requests.
  • Ergometry cardiac tests – ECG at rest and exercise stress test
  • Hearing tests
  • Respiratory system examinations:
    • Pulmonary function spirometry – chest radiographs (front and side view)
  • Eye examinations:
    • Intraocular pressure measurement
    • Color vision test
    • Fundus, eyelid, cornea, lens, pupil  examinations
    • Visual acuity test
  • Examinations for women
    • Gynecological examination
    • Cervical smear
    • Bone density examination
    • Gynecological ultrasound
  • Nutritional counseling

The Institute offers, as mentioned, comprehensive examinations for the respiratory system, including computerized spirometry (pulmonary function and volume examination), alongside chest radiographs – analyzed by an expert radiologist. The eye tests include intraocular pressure measurement; color vision test; fundus, eyelid, cornea, lens and pupil examinations; and visual acuity test. All this is provided in addition to thorough physical examinations conducted by an internal medicine specialist, including blood pressure and heart rate, weight, height, body fat percentage and complete physical examination. The examination is conducted prior to the exercise stress cardiac test.

The Advantages of the Institute

  • ​The atmosphere at the Institute is relaxed and homely
  • The number of clients is limited so as to allow personal attention to each individual client
  • Close and convenient parking (the cost of the parking is included in the cost of the examinations)
  • Close accompaniment as needed
  • The visitors are also offered a breakfast

Summary Meeting

At the end of the examination day, a summary meeting is held for the purpose of providing final analysis of the health profile and final medical consultation. Nutritional counseling is provided according to the personal examination findings by a clinical dietitian. The client receives a specification of the findings, alongside recommendations for appropriate further treatment, with a detailed printed report sent to the client's house within a number of days. The Institute is an authorized institute for sports medicine, and interested clients can receive free medical clearance for gym activity or participation in sports teams.​

Examinations for Foreign Residents

​The Institute provides paid examinations according to Ministry of Health rates for tourists, volunteers or temporary residents staying in Israel as well as for Israeli residents living abroad and visiting Israel for home leave.