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 Periodic Medical Examinations

Instructions for the Examination Day

Following are instructions for those planning to attend an examination day at the Institute for Periodic Medical Examinations:

Time of Arrival

​Clients are to arrive at 7:00 AM, so that they are able to receive the laboratory test results before the summary meeting at the end of the day.

Before the Examination

  • ​Clients are requested to fast for 12 hours before the examination
  • No heart disease or hypertension drugs shall be taken in the morning of the examination day, unless approved by your physician! The institute physician may be consulted over the phone.

What to Bring

  • ​Shorts or tracksuit and sports shoes – for the exercise stress cardiac test
  • Prescription eyeglasses (near / distance vision eyeglasses)
  • Sunglasses, as the eye examination includes dilation of the pupils
  • Relevant medical documents: disease summary, medical clearances, ECG chart, previous radiograph, mammography, ultrasound, imaging, etc.

Further Instructions

  • ​It is important to drink water on the day of the examination, after the blood tests and the ergometry.
  • Free breakfast is offered on the day of the examination
  • For women - the gynecological examination and the urine test shall only be done if you are not bleeding.
  • Additional examinations not included in the package can be provided (at Ministry of Health rate) - the Institute staff will gladly advise on the matter.