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Have you decided on a breast perservation surgery? You are able to increase the chance of preserving the breast, and to prevent additional surgeries!


The treatment of the malignancy (cancer) ailment of the breast includes in most cases a surgical procedure for removal of the growth. The patient, in consultation with her doctors, has to choose between a surgery for a full resection (excision) of the breast and a breast preservation surgery in which only a partial resection (excision)  of the breast is carried out. The removal of the growth with clear resection (excision) margins (a layer of healthy tissue around the growth) and the removal of all of the malignant (cancerous) tissues are a precondition needed for the success and for the lowering of the risk of relapse (recurrence) of the ailment in the same area. 
The MarginProbe technology has been developed for the purpose of reducing the rate of the repeated surgeries that are necessitating a surgical intervention and in order to remove all of the malignant (cancerous) growths during the first surgery!

About the Device

Up- to- date studies are showing that up to one quarter of the patients are required to undergo more than one surgery for removal of the entire growth, at times due to the inability of the surgeon to identify tissues that are affected in the margins of the growth. MarginProbe is an inspection device which the surgeon uses in order to estimate the conditon of the margins of the malignant (cancerous) growth during surgery and which allows him or her to identify, during the surgery itself, whether a tissue that is affected by the malignancy (cancer) remains behind in the area of the resection (excision). The identification leads in most of the cases to the immediate removal of the growth and saves the patient the need for repeated surgeries aimed at removing remnants of the growth. The device is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

How does the device works?

The MarginProbe device assists in discovering tissues that are affected with the malignancy (cancer) while the surgery is being carried out, by means of three simple actions:
  • measurement – the device measures the electrical properties of the tissue. These properties are different with respect to a regular tissue and a malignant (cancerous) tissue
  • comparison – the electrical signal that is measured undergoes a comparison with respect to a computerized signal library of malignant (cancerous) tissues.
  • characterization – the data are transmitted to a computer which decides whether an additional malignant (cancerous) tissue has been identified and which trasmits to the surgeon a positive signal or a negative signal accordingly.

Safety and effectiveness of the device

In medical studies, in which about one thousand women have been enrolled, the capabilities of the device and the safety of its use have been tested. The findings of the studies have shown that the necessity for a repeated surgery was reduced significantly among the patients who have been examined using the MarginProbe device while the surgery is being carried out. Furthermore, the studies have even shown that an inspection by means of the device while the surgery is being carried out, would have prevented about fifty percent of the repeated surgeies that have been performed. In addition, the studies have shown that the use of the device is of utmost safety and that it has no influence over the cosmetic outcome of the surgery. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that the use of the device does not reduce the rate of the repeated surgeries to zero and that there still exists a chance that a repeated surgery will be carried out, although at a much lower rate.

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