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Green Laser – the conveniant and safe method for treatment of an enlarged prostate gland

What is the prostate gland

The prostate gland is a sex gland that exists in men only. The gland is located in the area of the urinary bladder neck and surrounds the urethra (the tube that leads the urine away from the urinary bladder). The gland has an important role in the fertility of the men and it secretes the prostate fluid, which is an essential part of the seminal fluid (semen) and which is intended to protect it. As a result of hormonal changes, which start at the age of thirty five years to the age of fourty years, the gland begins to enlarge and gradually blocks the urethra.

What is an enlarged prostate gland?

A benign (a non- cancerous, or a non- malignant) growth of the prostate gland is one of the most common problems among adult men – about fifty percent of the men are afflicted by it in the the sixth decade of their life, (and) about ninety percent (of the men) over the age of eighty years are afflicted by it. This problem is accompanied by symptoms such as a weak urine flow, a frequent awakening at nighttime, and an urgent need to urinate. It is possible to treat the problem medicinally, however, in several cases it negatively impacts the quality of life and necessitates a medical procedure for excision of the part that blocks the urinary passages.

How is the enlarged (prostate) gland treated?

The best way to treat an enlarged prostate gland is by means of a surgical procedure. Today there exist two popular ways of treatment:
  • the open method – an incision (a cut) is performed in the abdominal wall and the prostate gland is removed through it. This method is called Suprapubic Prostatectomy – SPP. This surgery is effective but the duration of the recovery from it is prolonged and it is necessary to discontinue treatment using anti- coagulants ten days prior to the procedure and up to three weeks following it.
  • the closed method – the surgery is performed through the urethra, with no incision (no cutting) through the skin. In the classic closed method TURP (Transurethral Resection of Prostate) an incision (a cut) of the prostate gland is performed through the urethra. An evaporation of the prostate gland by means of a Green Laser is a substitute for TURP and its advantages include a faster recovery, an absence of hemorrhage (an absence of bleeding),  a very short hospitalization period, and a significant shortening of the period during which the use of anti- coagulants is discontinued in the patients requiring them. In addition, during the TURP a rinsing fluid is used which contains glycine. In about ten percent of the cases this fluid may cause significant side effects.

How does the Green Laser surgery work?

The Green Laser surgery is a surgery for evaporation of the tissue of the prostate gland. During the procedure a thin laser fiber is inserted into the urethra and trasmits green light laser energy that evaporates and removes the tissues of an enlarged prostate gland. The surgery brings upon an evaporation of the tissue and a cauterization (a burning) of the blood vessels at the same time. This is a novel and break- through procedure in the field of prostate gland enlargement, and it allows the person undergoing surgery to return very quickly to his routine of life, with no prolonged hemorrhage (no prolonged bleeding) nor long days of being hospitalized. The surgery is not suitable for a patient who has been afflicted by a cancer of the prostate gland and does not provide a substitute for an extensive resection (excision) surgery or another treatment, that is standard in these cases, with the exception of cases in which regardless of the malignancy (cancer) there is a need for alleviation of the outlet of the urinary pocket (urinary bladder) in the patients who are not designated for treatment made to cure malignancy (cancer) of the prostate gland.

What are the advantages of this treatment method?

The treatment using the Green Laser method has a number of advantages that make for the perfect treatment solution of an enlarged prostate gland:
  • a surgical procedure that does not involve incision (cutting) of the skin
  • a shorter period of hospitalization (in certain cases the patient is discharged from the hospital even during the same day of the procedure)
  • a fast recovery procedure
  • the only treatment that may be performed in the patients who use medications against blood clotting, or in other complicated cases where the patients are unable to undergo another surgical procedure
  • a very small risk of hemorrhage (bleeding)
  • there is no need for rinsing with glycine

Green Laser in the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center

Assaf Harofeh (Assaf the Doctor) is a the only public medical center in Israel that performs surgeries using the Green Laser method. The doctors in the medical center have an extensive experience in this field and its surgeons are considered frontrunners in their field. The Department of Urology in the Assaf Harofeh (Assaf the Doctor) Medical Center is world- renowned in the field of urology and performs several additional medical procedures related to the field. The department is run by Professor Arie Lindner, an expert who is world- renowned in the field of urology.

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