Assaf Harofeh Center for Medical Research

Center for Medical Research

In the university- affiliated Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, basic and clinical studies are being carried out, part of which are in the context of international studies.

 The findings of the selected studies are presented in prestigious national and international conventions, and are published in the international scientific press (journals).

The research work

The “Assaf Harofeh” doctors and researchers are conducting studies in collaboration with selected academic institutions and drug companies that are leading in Israel and in the world, in order to advance scientific and technological research and development in order to enhance the effectiveness of novel techniques of diagnosis, prevention, and finding of a cure.

The research advances an improved service such as:

  • The “HerayoPhone” (“PregnaPhone”) at “Assaf Harofeh” (“Assaf the Doctor”), which provides consultation regarding medications during the period of pregnancy and during the period of breastfeeding based on an assemblage of research findings.
  • In the Institute of Nephrology, which is one of largest of its kind in Israel, there is a unique research laboratory.
  • The Laboratory of Diabetes is involved in basic research in topics that are related to disease. It is among the leading laboratories in Israel and in the world.
  • In the Institute of Oncology there are a research laboratory and a separate unit for processing of data and monitoring of clinical investigations.
  • The Institute of Atherosclerosis is involved in the research of several topics that are related to this common disease.
  • In the nursing departments an exclusive and unique activity of research is being carried out among the setup of nursing in Israel.
  • Beyond the medical – scientific aspect, in the setup of nursing services (male and female nurses) there is an active research unit.