The Internal Medicine Day Care Unit is an ambulatory unit. The patients hospitalized in this unit are both new and returning patients undergoing an array of treatments and diagnostic tests, hematology-oncology ambulatory care and visits to the various day care clinics (Rheumatology, Nephrology, and Internal Medicine). Patients are generally referred to the Day Care Unit by the Health Maintenance Organizations, other hospitalization departments and the Emergency Room and some are private patients.


The Day Care Unit specializes in treatments that include up-to-date biological therapy, hematology-oncology therapy, intravenous iron supplementation, and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy.  In addition, diagnostic and treatment procedures performed in the Day Care Unit include bone marrow biopsies under sedation, and abdominal, pleural effusion and joint percutaneous drainage.  The Day Care Unit also serves as a consultation clinic for community clinics and prepares medically complicated patients for pre-scheduled surgery. 


The Day Care Unit currently includes the following services:


  • Medical Day Care Hospitalization
  • Nephrology Clinic and Ambulatory Hospitalization
  • Hematology-Oncology Therapy
  • Joint/Rheumatology Clinic
  • Internal Medicine ClinicTreatment for a wide array of internal diseases including advanced heart and liver failure
  • Wound healing treatment
  • Chronic patient care in collaboration with the Departments of Orthopedics and Vascular Surgery


In the field of teaching, the Day Care Unit plays a role in training students, interns, and family medicine and internal medicine residents.  Moreover, the unit is actively involved in clinical research in the field of rheumatology. 

Head of Department

​Dr. Eli Yona is Head of the Internal Medicine Day Care Unit.