Assaf Harofeh Division Of Orthopedics

Division Of Orthopedics

The Division of Orthopedics at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center is comprised of three departments: Orthopedics A, Orthopedics B and Pediatrlc Orthopedics. The professional medical activities that are performed within the framework of the various units include: joints, arthroscopy and sports injuries, elbows, spine, foot ankle and hand.

Academic Activities

​There are extensive academic activities that take place within the Division -instruction of Interns In arthroscopy and the presentation of lectures within the university framework, training medical students, lectures for orthopedic doctors and family doctors in the community, presentation of projects at conferences in both Israel and abroad, rotational hosting and research activities.
For years now students of medicine who wish to specialize In orthopedics have ranked the orthopedic departments at Assaf Harofeh to be the best and most sought after departments for the purpose of their specialization.