Assaf Harofeh About History


Assaf Harofeh Medical Center was founded in August 1948 on the grounds of an old British military hospital, established by the British Mandatory Power after World War I.
From its early days, the hospital was housed in old wooden barracks, which were in a terrible state of disrepair.  Despite the poor physical conditions, the standard of medical care was always maintained at the highest level by dedicated doctors and nurses. 
It was not until the Six-Day War that a group of supporting volunteers, who later came to be known as The Friends of Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, decided to carry out a worldwide campaign under the slogan “Evacuate the Barracks”. 
The success of this campaign, together with the establishment of new Chapters of Friends around the world, was the breakthrough that led to the impressive development of Assaf Harofeh Medical Center.